Here it is! The grand return of The Weekly Custard!

We have a fantastic issue for you today, including TWO interviews! One with the Best Chat Moderator of 2015 (as voted by you!) Hypercane, and one with the Mod-in-training: PixieLil! We also have the wiki news of the last week, and some AMAZING news in Phineas99cp's own Pengu-Informer section!

Wiki News of the Week

Well this was certainly a week for shocks & surprises!

First things first, JonthePlayerxD came out (stop giggling, you in the corner!) as the same man behind such users as Madbootdude, Boardude, and Titanium Ninja.

Next, 3 1-week trials were commenced for myself (CustardTheFreeBird), WikiaFrog & PixieLil! What will be the results of these trials? Who knows! But I'll be sure to cover it in next week's issue!


Finally this week, a user who has not logged in to our chat for years has RETURNED; it's BLASTTHEHEDGEHOG!!

Hypercane Interview


Custard: When did you join Club Penguin?

Hypercane: Hard to say... officially it would be April 2015.

Custard: How do you feel Club Penguin has changed since you joined?

Hypercane: I honestly do not know.

Custard: What is your favourite party?

Hypercane: I guess it was the Alien one; Operation: Crustacean, though I didn't get to it much.

Custard: How do you feel Club Penguin could improve?

Hypercane: Letting non-members get more items. I feel it is unfair we get like 1% of the cool items if that.

PixieLil Interview


Custard: When did you join Club Penguin?

PixieLil: February 20th 2009.

Custard: How do you feel Club Penguin has changed since you joined?

PixieLil: I feel it's starting to go downhill. Back in ye olden days, they put actual effort into decorating, and most of the island was decorated. Now it just seems like they re-use old stuff and only decorate the most visited rooms.

Custard: What is your favourite party?

PixieLil: Probably the Festival of Flight.

Custard: How do you feel Club Penguin could improve?

PixieLil: Stop having so many takeovers (or at least have takeovers for things more people are actually interested in), fix some of the major bugs that have been around for a while, focus more on the original game as opposed to the app.

Phineas99cp's Pengu-Informer!

Innocent penguin gets banned thanks to chat filter

Club Penguin Island, Thursday January 07, 2016.- Astonishing news. Penguin gets banned on Club Penguin for saying pudding. CP player 1nn0c3ntncut3 was banned yesterday on server Fjord after he was talking with his friend An0th3rd00d at the Pizza Parlor.

An0th3rd00d asked the victim what was his favorite dessert and he answered that it was the pudding. At that same moment, 1nn0c3ntncut3 was banned for 24 hours for saying a bad word. "I was only telling him my favorite dessert! How come I got banned?" - said 1nn0c3ntncut3

What's even more astonishing is the fact that An0th3rd00d said that his favorite dessert was "The Ding Ding" and he did not get banned for it. Either he was trying to say that his favorite dessert was that (kinda gross for CP), or he was referencing another type of dessert (though very unlikely)

At the end of the day, 1nn0c3ntncut3 called CP Support and told them the entire situation about his penguin banned. Afterwards, CP Staff told him to clear his cache to play Club Penguin again with no problem.

In the end, I guess it's safe to say that:

  • Clearing your cache saves the world
  • Puddings are probably illegal in certain countries and that's why 1nn0c3ntncut3 got banned for it
  • The moderator who banned 1nn0c3ntncut3 probably dislikes puddings
  • Puddings can be deadly
  • This wasn't an interesting nor surprising news to post about since we can easily expect things like this on CP.
  • Bananas are healthy

Next news: TV Special on the works thanks to Saraapril

Releasing this January 22, 2015

The End

And that's it for this week's Weekly Custard!

I hope you enjoyed the grand return!

We'll be back next week with an interview with the one & only JonthePlayerxD, the wiki news and the first `WikiaFrog Cinematic Universe Tidbits!` section!

I'd like to thank Phineas99cp for his first bi-weekly Pengu-Informer as well as our two guest stars, please give it up for PixieLil & Hypercane!!!

Have a good week every body and see you next Friday!

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