aka phcool23 (user name in cp)

  • I live in ON. Canada
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Person who lies
  • I am male
  • Director(aa)

    Deal with my name

    February 14, 2015 by Director(aa)

    Hey Guys!

    How are you? Good? just wanted to talk about my account name. Ever since the Director was revealed, I fell in love with the EPF and Aunt Arctic! I diceded to make "Director(aa)" my account so I could RP.

    I went to chat and then about a minute later, BLOCKED

    I mailed Penguin-Pal, and he responded saying that people don't like chat mascots. I knew chat mascots were real before I joined wiki, but I wasn't trying to be one. I got unblocked and told everyone in chat that I would never chat mascot RP again.

    Thanks to the bottom of my flipper- Phcool23

    P.S I will reveal a piece of truth about my account again in a while. :>

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  • Director(aa)

    New snowball aliences

    January 12, 2015 by Director(aa)

    Hey guys! Know those snowball wars that go on usually on cp? Well, im a ice warrior my self, but I feel like making two new pokemon themed armys!

    I present to you.... Team Magma and Team Aqua! (if you don't know them, look it up)

    Meet ups happen when I post about them, so keep an ear out.

    Team Magma Requirments:

    Must wear red,orange and/or yellow and must speak in a proper voice. ex: I must take my leave

    Team Aqua Requirments:

    Must wear blue, purple and/or green and must speak in a more modern but a bit rude way ex: let's GET OUT OF HERE!!

    Looking forward to seeing y'all at the snow forts on Big Foot,January Saturday 17th at 3:00 pm EST (my penguin name is phcool23 and leave a comment on yout team and penguin name)

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  • Director(aa)


    October 14, 2013 by Director(aa)

    13/10/2013 was a sad day for all bald penguins on abominable as mariogs was bullying And I've contacted a moderator

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  • Director(aa)

    This is beautiful Popular hat the twenty third here or Phcool23I just got 101 edits today. noweth next we shall make play in chat! Thank you for tuning in the this special report!

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  • Director(aa)

    Hello penguins! Today a wonderful penguin named Phcool23(me) spotted a beta-tester named Little Wolf! Director out!

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