Is update time and school and skate party now is even more closer lets see what have this week

New Newspaper

New Newspaper with things of the uncomping school and skate party and some secrets and people keep asking if aunt artic is the director ...

New Igloo Music

New Igloo Music for shark and skate fanatics :P be sure to check it out members even some elevator music :O

New Igloo Music

New and Old is just gold

Furniture And Igloo Catalog

New Furniture and igloo catalog for members not much new cheats or cheat...

Shark Gym Igloo

The Shark Gym Igloo is for members but if you wanna know how looks like on game and a bit decorated i show you a picture of how it looks like on game.Be sure to grab it members before it leaves the catalog

Shark Igloo

Shark Gym

Updates Coming Next Week

-School And Skate Party

-New Pin

-New Newspaper

-New Skateboard Room on CP

-New EPF Message

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