Ok penguins, the best thing ever happened to me today at this weeks Field Friday! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It started of as a normal field friday for me as Polo started visiting normal penguins igloos Then suddenly Polo postcarded me and Ninja appeared out of nowhere! This was the first time I have met Ninja on Club Penguin. IT WAS AWESOME....And guess what? Ninja postcarded me too! I am so so so happy right now and I can't explain how happy I am D: And you wanna know what made this the best CP day of my life? POLO FIELD VISITED MY IGLOO, yes my igloo :D As soon as I saw Polo sitting down in my igloo, I couldn't quite believe it as I was utterly shocked but really excited at the same time. I earned the party host stamp as many penguins visited and liked my igloo, so thank you to Polo and all the other penguins who gave my igloo tons of likes! Also, Polo stayed at my igloo for a very long time and I did get some really cool pics of me and Polo in my igloo! He also spoke to me and said 'Congrats'. Polo Field included my igloo on his twitter account too, I am lost for words. WHAT A NIGHT! I couldn't ask for a better finish to my day...

Waddle on for now, did you meet Polo Field and Ninja like me? I also got tons of pictures so be sure to look through them!

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