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what the

was i possessed back then or something

this is probably the most embarrassing thing i've ever written

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well heres some stuff i made

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FunBot 2.0 FunBot 2.0 29 June 2016

My last moments on CP Wikia, and my opinion on current Club Penguin.

This will be my last blog post, for now.

Has it been this long? Holy moly, it has. I've been mostly inactive for most of this year, and there's a reason to it. First off, I've moved over on to reddit, and no longer a wikia dweller. I've grown out of this wikia and on to a new life of friends. That's one reason why I've been missing from this place. Secondly, Club Penguin has no longer interested me anymore. I'm pretty sure most of us feel the same way, too. Like, remember back in 2012, when parties had story? The newspaper would document of Rockhopper's arrival and exploration, and vaguely foreshadowing a party months before it comes? Fast forward to 2016... Oh my god. Did they seriously edit Rookie onto an OPERATION PUFFLE JEEP FOR THE ZOOTOP…

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FunBot 2.0 FunBot 2.0 15 January 2015

I've figured my final choice.

I have chosen it. I'm leaving shops permanently. Things have been complicated, I have a ton of things to do, and I decide to move on with Club Penguin overall. Over the past few months, I've been getting really bored with the game, and the community. There wasn't that much to do, so I tried to find something new. Nothing. The game was getting worse and it just forced me to quit more.

For Shops and the wikis, like I said earlier there isn't that much time on my hands to be with my friends on fellow wikia and the Club Penguin Wiki community. It's just so........- complicated. I don't know why. I had made my final choice= quit Club Penguin, leave the community, done.

With Club Penguin worsening each and every week, It's just so hard to keep up wit…

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