Guys, I feel like leaving. Why?

One: Frozen Takeover... haters

No, that does not mean I hate the takeover. It's just the haters. I tried to calm them down, but they didn't. All they want to do is DESTROY the takeover. How the heck can you do that with a whole team working on that party? Plus, whenever there is a takeover that the community hates, THEY BLAME IT ON SPIKE HIKE. We got over with that way back in July 2013! You guys need to calm down or else I would get angry and leave.

Two: Attention

I never get that much attention. My blog posts get 0 comments, and so on.

So please don't let one of your editors leave. Clothing Icons 7190Ph1n3a5and77 my penguin fontClothing Icons 5353 03:11, June 6, 2014 (UTC)

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