If you want to post negative comments, don't. Opinions are opinions.

Lately Club Penguin has been getting really boring in the last few months; like Spring 2013 - now. Why, you ask?

First off; the non-party Club Penguin has nothing to do, except buy things and play games to earn a few coins. Can we have more? The Club Penguin team makes the Snow Forts like it didn't pay off. Since I joined Club Penguin, I never see a single snowball fight. The Clock Tower is boring too. i suggest we should have the iceberg tip a little (but not into the ocean) depending on how much penguins are on one side.

A minor one, the map. Why would they remove the Ninja Courtyard and change the Recycling Plant on the map if the Plaza and the Town and the Cove, and the Ski village, etc; aren't changed? You can STILL see the 2011 Everyday Phoning Facility up to this day, and you can still see the old Cove! I hope that they add the Puffle Hotel on the map with once they add the Puffle Park.

Even the PARTIES are boring. They just repeatedly have a show at the Stage, and free items.

Except negative comments, what do YOU think is boring about Club Penguin? BaitClothing ERROR.. Could not load signature. Please reload and try again. BaitClothing 00:33, April 28, 2014 (UTC)

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