This is a story... I got inspired from Chris' Club Penguin as we all knew it story.

Chapter 1: Just a regular day... or is it?

It's a good Club Penguin day, and news are that another Prehistoric Party is coming! Instead of it being prehistoric, we travel into the future! But in Gary's lab, things are going wrong.

Gary: *frustrated* Umm, does this clock go in here? *springs pop out* Wait, the fuel goes in- *flames come out at Gary's face*

The Director: Gary, what's going on?

Rookie: Oh, he's rebuilding the Time Trekker for rubber ducky to play in!

The Director: Rookie, I thought you don't have your Spy Phone!

Dot: Wait, what? *flames from the Time Trekker blows at Dot's face*

Gary: As I was saying, trying to upgrad- *boing! springs pop out* e the Time Trekker just makes a mess in my lab!

All of a sudden, the Time Trekker starts to shake. The springs and nails start to pop out. It explodes.

The island gets sucked into a black hole created by the Time Trekker, and everything goes black.


Part 2 will come on April 5!

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