In honor of April, the month that Club Penguin Updates was born.


After doing some research on Club penguin Updates, I found some answers!

  • Fottymaddy started the Weekly Club Penguin Updates blog trend on April 5, 2013 for 9 straight weeks.
    • Mariocart made his own Club Penguin Updates to replace Fotty, and the next week, Jonah Simm made the birth of a variety of users making Club Penguin Updates.
  • A total of 51 Club Penguin Updates blogs have been posted.1
  • Many users may know this, but Cool Pixels created a Club Penguin Updates format. This partially renamed it to CP Wikia Times.

Yeah, it's a small blog post, but it has good facts in it.

1As of April 10, 2014. I won't include the Puffle Party's update blog.

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Click here to see Fotty's first updates and the wiki's first update blog.

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