After watching New horizons Part 2 for like 20 times, I found out they predicted A LOT of things.


Backyard prediction back in 2013

In New Horizons Part 2, they said "And the problem is gonna be, where are we gonna keep these puffles...when we find them?" Just two months later, the backyard was released. Here we kept our Dino Puffles, which was or may be temporary puffles (The Good Dinosaur in November 2015? Hint!)

Cat Puffles, Lions, and BATS!


Remember back in 2012 when a puffle with cat ears and a tail appeared in Puffle Trouble? The cat Puffle has been a myth like the Gold Puffle for many years. There has been another hint in New Horizons Part 2 when they said "It could be a cat, it could be anything!" And at the end, it showed concept art of a penguin finding a jungle of many puflles, including the Cat puffle.


Like what I said earlier, the end of New Horizons part 2, a penguin found a jungle of puffles.

April's catalog theme is adventure, which was what the penguin had- Adventure gear! Plus, adventurers are the type of person to look for lions or wild animals. So... Lions in April!


Coming soon, researching.....

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