Frozen Summer Kickoff

Members only? No
When June 12, 2014 - July 3, 2014
Free Item(s) Non Members
Frozen Beach Ball
Ice Surfboard
See Member free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Sillybudz (Which recently was a mascot at last month's Underwater Party
Freeze up!
— The tagline for the party

The Frozen Summer Kickoff is an upcoming party on Club Penguin. It will start on June 12, 2014 and will end on July 3, 2014. It is a frozen Summer Kickoff Party.


I made an announcement for the party in May 2014.. I tweeted:

Brr, it's so cold. But isn't it summer?
— Sillybudz/Ph1n3a5and77

Polo Field made an announcement two weeks before the party started.. His post said

Hi Penguins!

We have many cool epic ideas for you. Many penguins were asking us:

"Holiday Party- even better!"

"I want a summer Party just like last year in August!"

So we decided to make a combination of this- Just like August's party in 2013. It's gonna be very special. I hope you dry off from last month's Underwater Party before getting cold!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


Member free items

Freezing Hat (Frozen Beta Hat)
Icy Igloo
Sweater of the Summer
I Love The Summer In Ice T-Shirt


  • This is the first time a Holiday Party is in the summer.
  • This party was made to have the Southern Hemisphere experience summer in the winter.
  • Many penguins thought this party was going to be held in July, but the Poop Party took it's place
  • As the Beta Hat returns just frozen, the membership prices were decreased. Although the team did not make more money than before, they returned an item all penguins wanted.


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