Future Fest

Members only? No
When June 19 - July 3
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Club Penguin Island, 1024 Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy, Garybot the Ro Bot

The Future Party/Fest is a party that will occur from June 19 to July 3. This is the first party to have the Time Trekker go to the future.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Steel Party Hat Save Time list- Day 1 No
Garybot Shirt Save Time List- Day 2 No
Steel Portal Box Save Time List- Day 3 Yes
Garugg's Message BG Save Time List- Day 4 No
Super Plasma Ball Save Time List- Day 5 Yes
Stone Dubstep Statue As a free furniture item in the Cloud Room No
To Scale model Time Trekker Save Time list- Last Day Yes


Earlier in 2014 Gary finds golden crystals. He fixes the Time Trekker 3000 which creates a future vortex. Unknowingly, a fake cloud with neon lights appear. The neon lights say:


No penguin on the island is able to reach it. A week later, the Time Trekker 3000 is ready to use. They arrive in June in the year 1024. It appears that a paradox has been caused and everything in the past appeared in the rooms. Penguins are able to reach the still standing neon sign and appears that behind the sign was Garybot the Ro Bot's invention holder. Garybot the Ro Bot appears to invent a giant Paradox stopper, which was actually the neon sign. It isn't that well, so Gary finds out that Garybot wants the 2014 penguins to help.

The penguins help by playing minigames at the Cloud Room (neon sign). Each minigame saves time by a few years.

By June 29, enough time was saved to stop the paradox. For a few days, penguins are able to explore the non-messed up island of 1024.



  • The neon sign would appear in English in Russian Club Penguin.


  • The year 1024 is a reference to Club Penguin's anniversary, October 24.



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