Did you know, I heard about CP since the beta test?


In August 2005, during the beta test, I heard about something called Club Penguin. I looked about it and saw that an item was released for free! Unfortunately, I never got to create an account. Right before I was gonna create an account, I went on vacation and forgot about it.

Time passed by,






And in Late 2010, I found Club Penguin after years of forgetting it. I created my first penguin- Dr Penguin39. I had so much fun, a few memberships went by, and it got accidentilly (typo ugh) banned after learning about the dangers of giving away your penguin to the public.

Late 2011 arrived. I created a NEW account, Sillybudz. I had so much fun.

And then here comes December 2011. I found a site called Wikia. My first wiki was Phineas and Ferb Wiki. I joined in December 30, 2011, a day before New Years Eve. I never really contributed, just a few edits and mostly reading.

And then comes February 24, 2012. I found another wiki................ Club Penguin Wiki.

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