I'm making a flash animation called Operation: Internet. In this "animation", Rookie escaped the wiki, exploring other websites. Herbert appears to do the same thing, and plans to DESTROY the internet, even Club Penguin. The approx. running time may be around 10 - 15 minutes.


1: Start getting ideas and put them in (February 2014 - April 2014)

2: Add music (April 2014)

3: Create credits so that everybody gets credit for the short film (Mid April)

3: Add props and characters- and their movements (Late April 2014 - Early July)

4: Record and add voices (Mid July - Late August)

5: Create TRAILER! YAY! (September)

6: Add a little extras (September - November)

7: Upload to Youtube (December 20, 2014)

Yeah, this is gonna take up to december :O


  • Rookie, actually the second main character
  • Pengo, the main character. His friend, Rookie, escaped the internet.

How to help

How to help, you ask?

Phase 1

I need a good logo for Operation: Internet. Around March 1, I will create a three-week vote for which logo will win. After that, I will create a promotional logo.

Phase 2 (OC AWARDS)


In the OC awards, I will get OC's to play a ROLE in the movie. All you have to do is name the OC's info, blah blah blah, their clothing, and THEN create the funniest poem for me. I will choose the thre best poem penguins. This will take from the first two weeks of APRIL.

Phase 3


The last helping phase, I will ????????? (Revealed in Mid April :O)


The last helping phase will have PRIZES YAY :D

  • First place: an autographed custom of YOU, an unreleased poster for the film, and all of below.
  • Second: A penguin background of you and your selected buddies, and a custom of you as the main character of your favorite movie, and below!
  • Third: A custom pin of you. (That's harsh... don't get to third.)
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