Remember when Green Ninja talked about the "BIG plans for 2013"? This year it's happening, and bigger than ever.


A custom CPNext Logo I made

As you have seen in Spike Hike's latest blog post, he has taken his time on a project called Next Big Thing for Club Penguin and Beyond. He is also overseeing Disney Mobile Games and Project: Super Secret. What is Project Super Secret? Could be CPNext, but probably a bigger project. Could this mean all the features we wanted is coming true? Probably so. Or we could have NEW permanent regular rooms (Not meaning Puffle Park type of permanent rooms) and more. Probably The Next Big Thing For CP and Beyond could be a longer version of CPNext. Either way, I'm super excited for this change.

Are YOU excited?

Clothing Icons 7190Ph1n3a5and77 my penguin fontClothing Icons 5353 00:18, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

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