This will be my last blog post, for now.

Has it been this long? Holy moly, it has. I've been mostly inactive for most of this year, and there's a reason to it. First off, I've moved over on to reddit, and no longer a wikia dweller. I've grown out of this wikia and on to a new life of friends. That's one reason why I've been missing from this place. Secondly, Club Penguin has no longer interested me anymore. I'm pretty sure most of us feel the same way, too. Like, remember back in 2012, when parties had story? The newspaper would document of Rockhopper's arrival and exploration, and vaguely foreshadowing a party months before it comes? Fast forward to 2016... Oh my god. Did they seriously edit Rookie onto an OPERATION PUFFLE JEEP FOR THE ZOOTOPIA PARTY?


Why, Club Penguin? WHY?

"Cruising through Zootopia with the windows down" Rookie. You're riding in an outdated vehicle photoshopped onto a horribly copied room image. Please. This has made me make the final decision, I'm not even going to look at Club Penguin anymore. This game... has gone extremely downhill and I don't think there's anything to save it from the fall.

If you want to see me again, I'm /u/Ballonz_Boy on reddit. (WARNING, LOTS AND LOTS OF LANGUAGE)

Goodbye, Club Penguin Wikia. :)

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