Furry sat in his rusty cage, all alone. He heard footsteps behind him, so he glanced over his shoulder.

He saw a shadow, and when he looked, Evil was in the doorway, weilding a knife. He panicked and starting to scream for help. "Nobody can hear you scream when you are 1,000 feet underground," Evil said.

"PLEASE! I CAN'T DIE! I HAVE A WIFE AND FAM- wait what," Furry shouted. Furry tried moving the cage with his body, and actually made the cage fall on the floor. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?!" Evil screamed. Furry didn't say anything and rolled away in his cage. "FREEDOM!!" Furry shouted excidedly

Evil pulled out a remote of some kind and pressed a button. The cage grew legs and started walking back to him. "What kind of company would make a walking cage?" Furry said. "Joe Mamma would, and btw this isn't an advertisement for Joe Mamma's Walkin' Cages, now 10% off at participating locations," Evil said.

Evil held up the knife to the cage. "Do you know what I am going to do with this knife?" Evil questioned Furry. Furry gulped, and said "Erm, no." Evil held the knife EVEN TIGHTER and then said "Well, I am going to use this knife to cut this cake to celebrate Mr. Cookie's birthday!" Evil exclaimed. All of Evil's minions came out and danced around, laughing, and eating cake. "NO!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PIE!" Furry screamed.

Evil pressed another button on his remote. Furry's cage immediately started dancing around, kicking its feet around and doing The Sprinkler. Furry sighed, and then after around 23 minutes, the partying stopped. Evil said "Now, time for the execution! "Would you like a slice of pie sir?" OrangePuffle said. "NO," Evil said. Since he was so strong since his transformation with the Monster-Maker 3000, he grabbed OP and threw him into the Pacific Ocean.

"Now, time to deal with the rest of you," Evil said. He pulled out a pistol and shot the rest of his minions. Phineas crawled towards him, and stood up. He jumped on Evil's back, but was too late. He died of loss of blood. That was a sad moment.

Furry screamed as he saw each of his friends die. "NO!! Why my friends?! Why didn't you kill me, my life sucks anyways. THAT WOMAN GOT THE FREAKING LAST SNICKERS!! I MEAN, CMON! THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANYMORE IN THE BACK!" Furry yelled. A tear rolled down Furry's cheek, and he laid down preparing for his death. Evil pulled a lever on the wall, and he saw Nom Nom, Tech, and some of his other friends tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling. They were still alive, as they were hung at their bodies.

They struggled and squirmed in the ropes, and some of them cursed at Evil. "Those were the people on the list, and now they get the punishment they deserve," Evil said. "WHAT DID I EVEN DO?! EVIL, YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK SO MUCH THAT-" Stickman's sentence was cutoff. Evil had cut his rope, and Stick fell down into the lava. Furry continued to cry. "THIS IS NOT HOW MR. L DIES!" Nom Nom/Mr L. (watever) screamed. "Sadly, it is," Evil replied while frowning. He cut his rope, and watched Mr. L drop down, shouting "NOOOO!!".

Furry had an idea. He entered his mind, and thought about the whole reason this was happening. The Anti-Carrot Takeover 2014. He killed Evil. Sorta. The carrot gods did. So, he thought the carrot gods would appear again and save him. But that would be after his friends died. Most of his friends already died, though. So he got up, and said "HEY EVIL! YOU ARE A NOOB!". Evil looked at him, and laughed. "Yeah, I am a noob." He kicked his cage off the cliff, and into the lava pit. Furry screamed, and died.

"Good news. All of you will join Furry! Yay! You won't be alone." Tech squirmed, and his rope was loose. He checked his pockets and found a pack of Shrinky Dinks. Shrinky Dinks were Evil's favorite, so he threw them far. "SHRINKY DINKS!" Evil said, and ran behind him to get them. That gave Tech enough time. He squirmed alot more, and had space between him and the rope. He started swinging from the rope. At the right time, he jumped off the rope, and onto the ground. He hurt one of his legs, and he saw blood come from under him. The other ones on the list also saw this, but kept their mouth shut.

"OUCH! That really freaking hurt," he said, and got on his knees. He couldn't walk, and started crawling. He saw the remote Evil was using, and started towards it.

He then heard footsteps, and sighed. "Nice try, Tech," Tech heard. He tried to walk towards the remote, and Evil started swinging a knife at him. He missed all of his swings, gladly. Tech crawled faster towards the remote, and dodging Evil's attacks. He suddenly felt blood run down his shoulder, and continued crawling. He groaned more and more, until he finally got to it. He looked at it, and Evil punched it out of his hands. "NO! YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY PLANS!" Evil screamed. Evil felt stupid, and remembered how big he was. He started walking around Tech, making a loud noise each time his foot hit the ground.

Tech screamed, and ran away. Evil could kill Tech just by stomping on him. Tech ran faster and faster, and reached the remote. He was far enough from Evil to read all of the buttons/controls on it. He saw a shrink button, and pointed it towards Evil. He shrunk him, and Evil was nowhere in sight. He saw a fly on the remote, and it grew bigger. He saw it was Evil, growing larger with the Enlarge button. They were the same size now, and Evil grabbed the remote and threw it at his desk. Tech jumped ontop of Evil, and started punching his face over and over again. Blood and spit flew out of his mouth, but then Evil grabbed him and pinned Tech on the ground. Tech saw another figure behind Evil, and started to scream.

Evil was confused, but still continued to punch him repeatedly. Tech's face was bloody enough to fill a carton of carrot juice. Tech saw the figure coming closer and closer, and started squinting his eyes, due to the amount of blood getting in them. He kept on getting punched and elbowed, but he didn't feel any more pain. He heard Evil groan, and saw the figure behind him.

Evil fell on top of Tech, and he pushed him off. He saw the figure, a dark penguin with orange eyes. "My name is Whisper," the unidentified penguin said. Tech got up, and said "Thanks for killing Evil. Can you help me and the other people on the list get out of this place?"

"Just because I killed Evil doesn't mean I am a friend," Whisper growled. He grabbed Evil's pistol and held it to Tech's head. Tech was frightened, and stood still. Whisper held the gun with a tight grip. "What do you w-want with me?" Tech asked. "Nothing. I summoned Evil to assist me with taking the world, but he just decided to make a lame sequel to his takeover he did in May/June," Whisper stated. Whisper's orange glowing eyes decided to wander off when he was telling his story, so Tech quickly grabbed the pistol and kicked Whisper in his stomach. He pointed the pistol towards Whisper's surprised face, and pulled the trigger without any doubts of his choice. Whisper screamed, and fell on the floor. Blood spread around his body, and his brain was gushing out of his head.

Tech walked towards the remote and grabbed it. He saw a rewind button, and pointed it towards the roof. He pressed it, and let magic happen.


Tech arrived at the end of the Anti-Carrot Takeover 2014, and saw Evil's body at the bottom of the fire pit. He also saw everyone heading out of his previous hideout, towards home. He heard a noise, and hid behind a random huge boulder that Spongebob and Squidward were sitting on. He saw Whisper going in the fire pit weirdly unharmed, and dragging Evil out of it. He held the pistol he got earlier, and shot Whisper. He ended this.

The Anti-Carrot Takeover 2 never happened.


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