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    Welcome to my new blog post, Would You Rather: Club Penguin Edition! If you don't know how to play, Would You Rather is a game where you must decide what you would do, for example, Would you Rather eat ranch or ketchup? But, instead of random topics, this version will only focus on Club Penguin! Now here we go!

    Would you Rather be able to say numbers in the game

    or special characters? (@, #, $, etc.)

    Would you Rather be able to take control of Club Penguin for a year,

    or take control of Club Penguin for 1 day every year?

    Would you Rather be able to travel back in time in Club Penguin,

    or be able to travel to the future?

    Would you Rather have Disney make Club Penguin 2,

    or make a spin-off of Club Penguin?

    Would you Rather make it so Club Penguin's …

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    Gold's Custom Parties

    November 21, 2013 by Gold2232

    Welcome to my special blog, based on my ideas for the future Club Penguin! You can see the parties below.

    January: Time Traveler's Party - Time travel back to the past, and into the future! You can also travel back to Old CP, which stays after the party.

    Febuary: Hollywood Party 2014 - Travel back to Hollywood, vote in the Penguin Play Awards, and check out the 2 new movies: Penguin Roommates: Who's at the Door? and Herbert Rises.

    March: Puffle Party 2014 - Transform into puffles and

    April: COMING SOON



    July: Pixar Takeover - Celebrate all the great movies created by Pixar in this epic takeover!

    August: COMING SOON

    September: COMING SOON

    October: Birthday Bash - Celebrate the 9th anniversary of Club Penguin in this …

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  • Gold2232

    Welcome to the all new series of blogs, Gold's New Customs! In this blog, check out new clothing items I created. And don't forget to comment!

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  • Gold2232

    Welcome to the second episode of Gold's Customs! In this episode I will show you another sneak peek of my upcoming Gravity Falls party! It is one of the loading screens you can see when logging in during the party. You have to click on it for animations. Enjoy!

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  • Gold2232

    Welcome to the first episode in the series Gold's Customs! In this episode, I will show you two new playercards for the mascots Herbert P. Bear and Gary the Gadget Guy. They include the new mascot artwork and their signatures. Enjoy!

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