Haiku Everyday
CPI No Image
Artist Sensei, Cadence and Penguin Band
Released TBA
Genre Jazz, Dance, Children Music, Ballad
Runtime  ?

Haiku's Everyday is an song created by User:Sorryforpartyrocking that appeared in Club Penguin: Haiku Legends, sung by Sensei


Sensei [Starting with an Ballad intro] I'm explaining you, right now... When a Grasshopper, fight now! But when you reached the road.... then you finish.... the... goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal [Starting with an Jazz] This is a party! With a DJ featuring Band!

Franky You got this Sensei! Best Party Ever!

Cadence It's really starting to get fun! Ooooh!

Sensei They got it right! There's no way to fight! But it might! To be an good time!

Cadence and Penguin Band There's time to play!

Sensei, Cadence and Penguin Band There's Haiku Everyday!

More Lyrics Coming Soon! This is not finished yet!

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