The story is up! You can read it here.

Hello, penguins!

Remember before I left for vacation, I promised a brand new story project, where you will choose my destiny? Well... prepare. The GN Chronicles is inching closer.

The first episode, Use the Force, will begin production when the Star Wars Takeover begins on July 25. In the meantime, here is a cool opening crawl explaining the storyline:

To prepare you for this awesome new series, you can sign up as a character for Use the Force right now!

Those who participate will even receive a special template!

Oie transparent (24) This user was a part of the Use the Force cast.


Green Ninja as Jedi Master Puffle Pal26
Techman129 as Jedi Maelleus
LookatmeIgotaKey as Jedi Skervytron
StarryCats as Jedi Hannah
HistoricalCP as Chewbacca
Patman1 as Emperor Palpatine
Squishy penguin as Jedi Blacksoph
Goldastros as Stormtrooper
Spydar007 as Stormtrooper
SugarPenguin12 as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lego here as Darth Vader
Damienangrybirds as C-3PO

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