Happy65 Happy65 1 June 2013

CPCC - Series 3

Welcome to another series of the wiki-wide famous contest, the Camp Penguins Color Contest! Some users who have been on this wiki for longer may remember the contest better. The hosts this year are..... Happy65 and Penguin-Pal. The winner will get an epic prize that will be revealed further on during the series. Entries of colours must be in by the 15th June. A Frequently Asked Questions will be shown further down on this post.

  • 1 FAQ
    • 1.1 What is CPCC?
    • 1.2 How does CPCC work?
    • 1.3 Rules
    • 1.4 How do I submit a colour?
  • 2 Goodbye

The Camp Penguins Color Contest is a contest that has been around since 2011. The idea of CPCC is that ordinary players come up with an idea of penguin colors. We create an icon for each custom color, and after a vote, we announce which …

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Happy65 Happy65 17 April 2013

Arctic Penguins

Welcome to Arctic Penguins, a new competition. Contestants comment in the comment section. There will be a awesome secret prize, so enter, enter, enter, today.


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Happy65 Happy65 29 March 2013

Club Penguin Cats Central.


The Club Penguin Army database is very big, with many armies. But now the place where all this started has been hacked, the Club Penguin Army Central. Some hackers have changed it from CPAC to the Club Penguin Cats Central.

I am a soldier for the ACP at quite a nice rank, so I often look at CPAC. I was shocked when I saw what happened to the database of CPAC, and it was turned into CPCC! Let me show you a preview.

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Happy65 Happy65 22 March 2013

The True Founder

Hi, I'm Happy65, chief editor of Happy65 Industries.

V-Rex is not the true founder of the Club Penguin Wiki. He is the co-founder, and basically the adopter. Check his userpage. Many users on my research team wanted me to make this blog, so here we go. Da-da.

Look at the very first revision of the Club Penguin article, who was it by? "Rsnail". He was a vandal, many users editing after that had logs lost. I think history went back MUCH FURTHER than March 2006.

Now, I think Sandstein is a possible candidate, but I also think the CP article was NOT the first on the wiki.

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Happy65 Happy65 15 October 2012

Diamond Retirement

Hello, it's me, Happy65. I would like to call this blog the Diamond Retirement. This will be my final blog on this wiki.

After over 2 years of great fun editing on this wiki, I have decided to retire as you will see further on in this long blog post. In 2010, it was my first year. We had some wonderful kind admins like LordMaster96, Seahorseruler and many other admins. This team of admins then moved to what many users here call The New Wiki nowadays.

In 2011, I started editing more often, with edit races with users like Bman2007Jazz and The Plush. I made lots of edits and had lots of fun with the users in the year.

In 2012, I had missed a couple of months due to injury before joining in February 2012 again, I then made about 5,000 more edits to …

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