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JJnk9 JJnk9 16 December 2013

Free Custom Logos

Hey guys! Today I will be making free logos! Here are the logos you can get! ]] Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye! 19:11, May 28, 2014 (UTC)

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JJnk9 JJnk9 9 December 2013

Do you like CPNext?

So as you all know CPNext is coming next year and it says. (P.S) you don't have to read all of this. You can just skip to the poll.

CPNext is a new technology currently being experimented on by the Club Penguin Team. It is currently only being used on the My Penguin mobile application, but soon, it will be expanded to everywhere on Club Penguin.

  • 1 How it Works
    • 1.1 Rooms
    • 1.2 Future Concepts
  • 2 Benefits
  • 3 Poll

CPNext works completely differently then the current server system. Currently, each server is one "shard" of Club Penguin, meaning one reflection of the island which a certain amount of users can play. In CPNext, every room is in effect a shard. As more users join a certain room, more reflections of the room are created, allowing lag free play and b…

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JJnk9 JJnk9 3 December 2013

April Fool's Party or Not?

Since there won't be anymore April Fools' Parties, I wanted to see if you want April Fools Parties or not. Always remember April Fools' Parties! ]] 17:35, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

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