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Hey! The Plane Of Doom has been revealed to be the last story of JAS Season 1. I'm gonna make a "Best of Season #1" episode, and I need YOUR help to vote!

It's up to you guys to decide the winners of each category! There are seven categories: Most Suspenseful Story, Most Touching Story, Funniest Story (or Most LOL-est Story), Most Exciting Story, Most Extreme Story, Scariest Story, and finally, Best Overall Story. To vote, simply copy this code, and put it in the comments below. After each category name, type the name of the story you (and not ANYONE ELSE) think would fit best in that category. Get the point? We have EIGHT stories that can be put in any of the categories. Their names are below the form.

*My Name: (Enter your name here)
*Most Suspenseful Story:
*Most Touching Story:
*Funniest/Most LOL-est Story: 
*Most Exciting Story: 
*Most Extreme Story:
*Scariest Story:
*Best Overall Story:

Well, you guys don't know what the Plane Of Doom is about yet, so I'll just tell you what happens (but I won't spoil the surprises!).

It's Whowy's Birthday!! For his birthday, Joeypengie gives him - GET THIS - Tickets for a free flight to PARIS! But on their way, the plane crash-lands at the Muppet Theater in Los Angeles! It's gonna take awhile to repair, so Joey and Whowy will have to spend Whowy's birthday in the Theater...find out more when the story comes, but you can know that for the voting. Or you can wait till Saturday to see what it's about, then vote.

Happy Voting! OH! I almost forgot! The winning stories will be posted on the April 2014 JAS News Blog. Stay tuned!!

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