JWPengie Story 6.5.1
Joeypengie was in a daze. His caveguin friend was evil. But he spotted a T-Rex nearby that wasn't hypnotized. "Psst can you help me?" Joey asked him as he walked by. "GR?" he said.
JWPengie Story 6.5.2
"Can you tell that caveguin to look on the bright side, and consider becoming nice?" "ME TALK," said the T-Rex. Joey watched him shake his tail and very slowly stomp over to Guin-Ugg. "GR!" the dino said, acting hypnotized. "TRICERATOPS WANTS YOU HELP! HE WANT YOU LOOK ON BRIGHT SIDE
JWPengie Story 6.5.3
- BE NICE CAVEGUIN!" "OH REALLY?!" snapped Guin-Ugg. "WELL," he said, "MAYBE ME CONSIDER..." The T-Rex smiled. "YOU KNOW?" continued Guin-Ugg, "ME WILL DO IT! ME UN-HYPNOTIZE DINOS!"
JWPengie Story 6.5.4
Joeypengie was watching all of it and was glad that Guin-Ugg was going to do it. "WAIT!" said Guin-Ugg, which made Joey worry. "ME CHANGE MIND! ME NOT DO IT!" "NO, REALLY?" asked the T-Rex. "NO, ME KIDDING! HAHA!" said Guin-Ugg. Everyone smiled. So Guin-Ugg went to where the evil caveguin was, pretending that he was still bad. "ME BORROW?" he asked the caveguin.
JWPengie Story 6.5.5
"YES SURE," he replied. Joeypengie watched Guin-Ugg pressing the deactivate button. He was very happy with Guin-Ugg. But the evil caveguin saw what Guin-Ugg was doing. "WHAT YOU DOING?!" he asked angrily. "THAT BUTTON SHUT OFF HYPNOTIZER!"
JWPengie Story 6.5.6
"ME KNOW!" shouted Guin-Ugg proudly, slapping the evil caveguin, who fell in the water and got stuck in Guin-Ugg's octopus puffle's trap. Guin-Ugg acted fast and said, "STEGGY SLICE!" His stegosaurus puffle took his blades and sliced through the bones of the cage, and Joeypengie was FREE!
JWPengie Story 6.5.7
"ME SAVE YOU!" Guin-Ugg said, giving Joeypengie a high-five. Suddenly the evil caveguin broke out of the trap and jumped onto the surface. "STEGGY SMASH!" Guin-Ugg screamed. His stegosaurus puffle took his tail, leaped off the ground, and smashed down right on the evil caveguin's head.
JWPengie Story 6.5.8
He fell back in the water. "OCTO CLOSE!" Guin-Ugg screamed. Then the octopus squirted ink in the evil caveguin's face and a wall started closing in on him. Finally a spring shot out of the trap and the caveguin got launched all the way across the prehistoric island, hopefully landing in the volcano. "AHHHHH!!!" he screamed. "Woah!" Joeypengie commented. He headed back to the time trekker, waving goodbye to Guin-Ugg. "NO! I FORGOT!" he said. "THE TIME TREKKER IS GONE!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

JWPengie Story 6.5.9
"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Joeypengie said, when his alarm clock went off.
JWPengie Story 6.5.10
"It was all a dream? Guin-Ugg, the evil caveguin, ALL OF IT?! That was so scary!" he continued, getting out of bed. He went into his kitchen to cook some pancakes. "WHAT THE?!" he screamed, as he spotted a dino puffle. He also found Whowy in his kitchen. "Whowy, what are you doing here?" Joey asked. "I brought you a present, this dinosaur puffle!" Whowy said.
JWPengie Story 6.5.11
"His name is Magma. Oh, and there's still five more outside! Stoney, Meaty, Boom Boom, Munchkin, and Russ! I knew you would love them!" "Wow, thanks Whowy!" Joeypengie replied. "They are so awesome!" A few minutes later, Joey, Whowy, and his 6 dinos sat down on the couch to watch the news. A reporter was saying, "Breaking News! A magician has gotten fired from a booth at the Fair, called Magic By Guin!" "That looks fun!" Whowy said. "You're gonna ask to be the replacement?" Joey asked. "YUP!" Whowy said, heading out the door. Joey laughed and hugged his dino puffles. "Good Dinos!"

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