JWPengie Story 4.3.1
Another message suddenly popped up on Joeypengie's spy phone. It was also from PH. It said: "Oh, and also, Joeypengie, the Director has given you new and improved elite Puffle Vet/EPF Agent gear for your journey." "NEW EPF GEAR?? AWESOME!!!" Joeypengie said.
JWPengie Story 4.3.2
The green puffle was very excited, hopping through tires and on the rope wall. Suddenly, Joeypengie had a feeling. "I think...." he began. "What?" asked the green puffle. "The time has come," Joeypengie said, "to defeat Herbert in battle. It will be a long journey to reach Herbert's lair. So we shall start....NOW."
JWPengie Story 4.3.3
All at once, Joey and the puffle flopped down in his new snowmobile, or watermobile, and sped away through the night sky. Back past the volcano, around the icy waterfall, and he saw a part of the wilderness he never saw before. It was dozens of little waterfalls. He started gliding down one, and could see the river cave at the end.
JWPengie Story 4.3.4
He told the puffle to stand guard and wait for him. A short waterfall took him down into the river cave. Like Gary said he world, Joey got a message on his phone. It said Herbert's Lair was inside the icy waterfall. So Joeypengie took his boat back up to it. In about a minute, he found himself in a cave where a ring of fire was being placed around him!!
JWPengie Story 4.3.5
Even with the ring of fire, Joeypengie could still see. He could just slightly make out Herbert playing a card game on a computer. Then he saw there was a tube above him. Puffles were being forced to dig coins for Herbert to power his heater!! Joeypengie had to stop Herb. Meanwhile, Klutzy was taking the coins that the puffles found and putting them in Herbert's heater.
JWPengie Story 4.3.6
Luckily, Joeypengie saw a heat vent next to him, and another one on the other side where Klutzy and Herbert were. Joey carefully and quietly popped out the vent and crawled through. He saw the bottom of the heater with smoke coming out. "I better get to the other side," he said. Holding his nose, he slipped over it and made it to the other side.
JWPengie Story 4.3.7
The other vent easily popped open. "Hi herbert," Joey said loudly.
JWPengie Story 4.3.8
Herbert turned around. "WHAT--" he said. "HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF THE RING OF FIRE?!?" Joeypengie didn't answer. He was too busy inserting chips into the computer to even notice Herbert was talking to him. "I'm sorry, waht?" Joey asked. "I SAID---" Herbert screamed, "---GET OUT!!!!!!" "Sorry, that's not an option," Joey said sarcastically, still inserting chips into the computer. "I'M GONNA GRIND YOU INTO MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Herbert screamed at the top of his lungs. Suddenly everything stopped. Joey stopped, Herbert stopped, Klutzy stopped, and the puffles stopped. Joey saw that the hypno-hats were gone. They began looking around. Then out of nowhere, an alarm rang and all the puffles ran out through the tube. "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Herbert screamed. "PUFFLES!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!" He looked at Joeypengie and ran at him. "YOU!!!!" he screamed. "YOU MADE MY PUFFLES GET AWA-" Before he could finish, a door at the bottom of the lair opened. A swarm of puffles came bouncing in at full speed.
JWPengie Story 4.3.9
They were heading right toward Hebert! They carried him through the wall of the back of the lair and who knows what happened next. It was a Puffle Attack!
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