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Ornie, Frank, Purry,
JWPengie Story
and Woofy were still at the Wildlife Park trying to find someone to help them. "Look a random teleporter that just appeared out of no where!" Ornie exclaimed. "Oh yeah!" Frank said. Purry hopped into it. "Bye bye guys!" he said. "PURRY!!"
JWPengie Story
Woofy said, jumping into the teleporter. "ME COMING AFTER YOU! RUFF!" Ornie and Frank jumped in together. And then they saw the beautiful, new, astonishing, PUFFLE PARK!! "The park!" Ornie cheered. The Bear, who had randomly appeared there, smiled. Woofy headed straight for the slide, Purry went on the zipline, and Frank went to sleep.


"Ornie and Frank should be back by now," Joeypengie said. "They left six hours ago. I wonder what happened to them." He waddled to his kitchen and made a BLT for dinner. Then he got his phone and called the Pet Shop.
JWPengie Story
"Hello?" he said. "This is the Pet Shop, please hold," they replied. Joey waited five minutes and they called him back. "Hello there, what's the trouble?" they asked.
JWPengie Story
"Have you seen two orange puffles, and a cat and dog running around anywhere?" Joey asked. "Nope, sorry," they replied, "but you could check the Puffle Park. Most lost puffles go there to be found again," "Okay thank you!" Joey said, putting the phone down and hanging up. He waddled to the Plaza. "Ornie!" he exclaimed. "It's you!" Ornie smiled. "Frank!!" Joey's face lit up. "You guys found Purry and Woofy! Good job!!" So they all went into the Park again to play. And what a great day all those puffles had!! It was really fun! :)
JWPengie Story

THE END JWPengie Story

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