JWPengie Story 3.4.1
Suddenly, Joeypengie rose from a grave. "Huh," he said. "Why was I in that grave?" A rabbit hopped by and immediately ran to the bushes when it saw Joey. So did a penguin. But instead of running into the bushes, it fell into the bushes.
JWPengie Story 3.4.2
"Why is everyone so scared of me?" he wondered. He wandered to the edge of the cemetery. "AUGH!!!" he screamed. "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!" He looked out in the distance and saw a seagull on the roof of a gazebo. He climbed up to it and picked it up and tortured it. He jumped back down off the roof
JWPengie Story 3.4.3
and went to the dock where a boat was, and in the moonlight, he could partly see his reflection. "YIKES!!!" he screamed. "I'M A...I'M A....


Section 2:The Meeting

JWPengie Story 3.4.4
He thought about it for a little bit, then realized it would be best to contact the EPF, even if he was a zombie. He went over through the gates of the cemetery through the dark, spooky, Ski Village. It was creepy with the full moon. He opened the door of the Everyday Phoning Facility.
JWPengie Story 3.4.5
Joey arrived at the front desk and saw an agent, all brown from head to toe, had a horrifying English accent that creaked, and dark black hair with glasses. Joey stared uncomfortably at her. "Umm," he whispered. "SPEAK UP AND SPIT IT OUT, TWIRP!!" screamed the old witch. "And why are you so PURPLE?!" "Um, that's kind of a long story. May I speak with Agent G please?"
JWPengie Story 3.4.6
"FINE!!!!" screamed the old witch again. "HE GETS A BREAK IN TWENTY MINUTES!!! YOU CAN SEE IF HE CAN SQUEEZE YA IN! BUT DON'T GO IN NOW, YOU FAT OX!" Joey quietly went over to the waiting area. He got a cup of coffee and saw the OLD WITCH glancing at him. Finally, Gary was ready. Joey walked over to his office and sat in a chair. Gary sipped some coffee. "Hi Agent J," he said. "I heard you needed help." "Yes, yes i did." said Joey.
JWPengie Story 3.4.7
"I got turned into a-" "WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR-UHM, BODY?!" Gary screamed. "Oh I got turned into a zombie because Rookie accidentally had some cursed candy for the Halloween Party,"
JWPengie Story 3.4.8
Joey said. Gary just stared. "So you want me to turn you back?" Joey nodded. "Ok, that will be VERY HARD, but if you click that button on your player card..." Joey pressed it. "YES!! Wow thanks Gar--WHAT THE I'M NAKED!!!! AHH!!!!!!!"

The End

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