JWPengie Story 8.1.1
JWPengie Story 8.1.2
On a windy March day, crowds were gathered at Joeypengie's Igloo for the celebration on Whowy's Birthday. "Happy birthday, Whowy!" Joey said, kicking off the party. Whowy smiled. "For your birthday," Joey said, "I got you a ticket to come with me on a trip to Paris!" "Yay that's in Germany!" "Nope, but good try! :P" Joeypengie said. "It's in France." "Ooh even better! Can we see Big Ben?" Whowy asked. (As you can see, Whowy obviously has no experience with Geography.)
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JWPengie Story 8.1.4
"No but we can see the Eiffel Tower!" Joey said. The next day, Joey and Whowy were waiting at Club Penguin International Airport. "Hello, here's our passports," Joey said to an unprepared airport worker, who didn't even have a uniform. "We're going to France." "Oh a customer!" the worker said, ducking under the counter and putting her uniform on.
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JWPengie Story 8.1.6
"Ok enjoy your flight," she said, handing Joey the ticket. They went to the gate and waited awhile, until Whowy finally said, "Our terminal is here!" And it actually was for once! They got on the plane and sat in the green row. They had peanuts and stuff and then Whowy decided he had to go to the bathroom. He waddled into the bathroom with no door and started doing - yeah you know. "DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA" Whowy was singing. All the passengers plugged their ears. "Uh oh," the pilot announced.
JWPengie Story 8.1.7
"Oh no we're gonna crash!!" he screamed.
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