JWPengie Story 8.2.1
JWPengie Story 8.2.2
Making his way through the rubble, Joeypengie smiled at the smell of fresh air. "Where am I?" Joeypengie asked someone. "Meep meep meep!" he replied. "Is this some kind of foreign island where - OMG! You're Beaker from the Muppets!" "Meep meep meep!" Beaker said. "Ok!" He ran and saw Sam Eagle. "Hey Sam!" Joey said. "Can you tell me where I am?" "You're in America!" Sam Eagle replied.
JWPengie Story 8.2.3
JWPengie Story 8.2.4
"Oh I love it here!" Joey said. "Wait, this is LA (Los Angeles for those of you who don't know)!! "Can I go in the theater?" Joey asked. "Of course!" said Sam. So he went inside and he saw Kermit the frog! "Kermit!" Joey exclaimed. "More leaves!" he was saying to another Muppet. Then he turned to Joey. "Oh, our show is starting soon!" Kermit said. Joey bumped into another Muppet, the Swedish Chef! "Bork bork!" he said "What does that mean?" Joey asked. He didn't get a response,
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JWPengie Story 8.2.6
so he just sat down in one of the seats. Suddenly, the curtains opened, and the Muppets started playing! Everyone gathered around and enjoyed the show.


JWPengie Story 8.2.7
JWPengie Story 8.2.8
Meanwhile, Whowy was also in front of the building. Joey had forgotten about him! Whowy thought he saw an airport. And he did! "Maybe Joey went that way," Whowy said. He went to the airport, gave someone a coin, and then went to the gates. "Hey you forgot your passport!" the person screamed. Whowy didn't notice. He was to busy looking for his gate. It finally got to France, and Whowy went through to the plane.
JWPengie Story 8.2.9
The plane got to France and Whowy got off. He saw the Swedish Chef from the Muppets there! He had seen Joey at the theater and had gotten a flight to France on that same plane. "Chef has a message for me!" Whowy said. "Whowy!" Swedish Chef said. "Your brother is still in America, please go help!" "Ok I will!" Whowy said, looking confident.
JWPengie Story 8.2.10
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