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Depressed, Whowy rolled along on the Wagon Wheel. Wondering why he's depressed? Ever since Joeypengie got the job on the Space Squid, he never had time for Whowy. Usually, they both would stroll around the Amazement Park and have the best day ever. Whowy knew it wasn't Joey's fault though, he just wished Joey could work in shifts.

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Whowy eventually was bored so he decided to head back to his igloo. On his way out, he noticed a penguin running a popcorn cart that saw Whowy was depressed.

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"What's wrong?" the penguin asked. "Who are you!" said Whowy. "Er...I'm...umm....Afro Ballerina!" the penguin said, smiling. "Now umm, what's the trouble? You look depressed."

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"My brother and I used to have a great time at this park but now he got a job so he has no free time to play with me," Whowy said, frowning. "OH," said the penguin, interrupting. "I know what you want!" he continued.

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"Really?" asked Whowy, brightening up. "Yeah, I sure know what you want! You want...dun dun dun...POPCORN!!" Whowy smiled.

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A few hours later, things at The Space Squid weren't going so well. Joeypengie was giving some pookies a ride when suddenly, an alarm sounded, and everyone went into Panic Mode. The whole Amazement Park rushed over to see what was happening. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" he screamed at another worker. "SOMEONE JUST STOLE ALL THE TICKETS!" he yelled back.

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"WHAT?! WHERE?!" Joey screamed. "LOOK THERE HE IS!!" a random person in the crowd screamed.

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They all looked over at the crook. It was Whowy.

To be continued
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Thank you for acting: OrangePuffle/Guinydyl (Popcorn Stand Worker), Callum Fawsitt/Fawsit (Space Squid Worker #1), and Chriskim98 (Space Squid Worker #2)
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