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JWPengie Story 7.3.3
"Hmm...what's in this popcorn? It tastes funny!" said Whowy.
JWPengie Story 7.3.4
"Just a little touch I added!" said Afro Ballerina. "What kind?" asked Whowy. He-she glared at Whowy. "SHUT UP." "What is in this?" he said again. "Umm...POISON!" said Afro Ballerina. Whowy was scared. "POIS-" Before he could finish his sentence, Afro Ballerina pushed a button on the bottom of his-her cart. "I am now under your control," Whowy said in a robot way. Afro Ballerina smiled with an evil laugh...

And now, that answers your question of why he stole tickets in the last part. So now, here we go, back to our regularly scheduled story! :)

JWPengie Story 7.3.5
JWPengie Story 7.3.6
"GET HIM!" someone shouted from the army of furious Galaxy Park workers. They were thundering through Pirate Park, chasing Whowy, who still had the stolen tickets. Joeypengie, out of breath, had been chasing them through the entire Amazement Park FOR HOURS without stopping. "GUYS!!" he screamed. "I'M SURE WHOWY CAN-"*cough cough*"-EXPLAIN!" "OH YEAH?!" screamed someone. "EXPLAIN THEN WHOWY!"
JWPengie Story 7.3.7
JWPengie Story 7.3.8
"BLEEP BLEEP," said Whowy. He managed to say "I am currently being controlled by Afro Ballerina." "What?" asked Joey. "Who's Afro Ballerina? Where is he- I mean umm..she?" "BLEEP BLEEP," said Whowy again. "Tracking Afro Ballerina....Bleep Bleep! Afro Ballerina found. Currently located at Tumbleweed Town, outside Wagon Wheel and running popcorn stand!" "Well then, GET WHATEVER GENDER AFRO BALLERINA IS, GUYS!!" Joey screamed. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" they screamed and ran to Tumbleweed Town.
JWPengie Story 7.3.9
When Whowy and Joey were alone, Joeypengie said, "Now Whowy, I think I know a way to free you.
JWPengie Story 7.3.10
All you need to do is poop out the popcorn and you will be free, basically." Whowy went inside the barrel and a plumping sound was heard. "Great job Whowy!" Joeypengie said.
JWPengie Story 7.3.11
The end

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