Hey guys! Joeypengie (my penguin)'s FOURTH birthday is this November! It's really early to do this, but I'm scheduling his party! His birthday is on November 8th, and the party will be on Sat, November 9. I will send out invitations at the end of October when the party gets closer.

So, here's the info:

  • Day: Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013
  • Time: 9am PST-12pm PST (that's 10am US Mountain time, 11am US Central Time, and 12pm US Eastern Time; as for other countries, idk, sorry!)
  • Server: Brumby (9am-11am PST), Blizzard (11am-12pm PST)
  • Room: See Schedule
  • Notes: Please be on chat during the party
    You do not have to be there for the whole party; you can come for little parts


Room Server Time Activity Other Notes
NoneNone4:39 PSTJoeypengie turns four!The exact time he turns four
Puffle Hotel RooftopBrumby8:55 PSTWaiting for usersNone
ForestBrumby9:10 PSTHide and SeekYou can move around the island. Who's turn it is will be discussed on the CP Wiki Chat
CoveBrumby9:50 PSTBeach PartyBeach Party!!!!
StadiumBrumby10 PSTSoccer Match (It's not hockey in november, right?)Pie VS Cake (pie on right, cake on left)
DojoBrumby10:15 PSTCard-Jitsu MatchAgain, Pie VS Cake (Pie players can only verse cake players and vice versa)
Joeypengie's IglooBrumby10:30 PSTFood time and cakeTime for food and cake (or pie)
Joeypengie's IglooBrumby10:40 PSTPlaying in my iglooPlaying in my igloo
Pizza ParlorBlizzard11 PSTRoleplayingYou do not have to be there
Coffee ShopBlizzard11:15 PSTRoleplayingYou do not have to be there
FortsBlizzard11:30 PSTSnowball Battle!Pie VS Cake!!
My IglooBlizzard11:45 PSTPresent time, lolGIMME PRESENTS!
My IglooBlizzard11:55 PSTBye ByeSaying bye to all my friends

Clothing Icons 11719 JWPengie! Happy 4th birthday to Joeypengie! :D 4th Anniversary Cake Pin

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