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November 30, 2014, 2:14 PM, The Caruso House

WO 1.1.1
Max punched the wall. "Max what are you doing?" asked Sue. "My fart machine is broken," he said. "Don't you know it's almost Christmas and Merry Walrus?" Sue asked. "Merry Walrus is always watching. He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake! You don't want to end up with a stocking full of coal, do you?" "You said that it was Christmas time five months ago." Max remembered swimming in his pool when his mom said it was Christmas time. "Well this time it's for real," Sue replied. "Oh," said Max, "well in that case, I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS, ONLY A HIPPOPOTAMUS WILL DO, I DON'T WANT A DOLL, NO DINKY-" "Suck it up Max," Sue said, "you're never getting a hippo." Max frowned.

November 30, 2014, 6:40 PM, The Caruso House

WO 1.1.2
That night, Jason told all the kids he had an announcement. They all came in very excitedly. "I hope this involves cheese," Ryan said. "Anyway," Jason announced, "we have some exciting news about Christmas!" Everyone cheered. "Grandma's coming up for a few weeks!" Silence. "...and she's bringing presents!" Everyone cheered again. "She's coming up next Sunday for Ryan's birthday and staying until New Year's," Jason continued. "Also, she's going to sleep in Max's room." After that, let's just say our Mother Earth exploded. "Just kidding. She's sleeping in Molly's room." Whew, Mother Earth has seen better days. "Haha, kidding again. She's sleeping in my room with your mother." Holy Great Grandma Mildred. Bye bye, Earth.

December 6, 2014, 7:37 PM, Grandma's House

WO 1.1.3
"Bye Gregory, sorry you can't come to Jason's house because of work," Brenda said, gathering her things together. Gregory was sitting at his desk, "working." "Bye Brenda! See you in four weeks!" "Okay, bye!" Brenda replied. The minute Brenda stepped out the door, Gregory got up from his desk, took off his pants, and plopped down on the recliner. "Haha, finally! Four straight weeks of nothing but sitting in this chair, watching 'The Squirrel Show For Old Men!'" Suddenly, Brenda stepped back in the door because she forgot her keys and Gregory was busted.

December 6, 2014, 10:03 PM, Icy Island International Airport

WO 1.1.4
Brenda waited at Gate 13. Her flight was supposed to depart at 10:15, but no one was boarding the plane yet. Brenda wondered what was going on. She could see the news on a penguin's phone that was sitting nearby. She couldn't hear what was being said, but everyone had shocked faces so it looked bad. All of a sudden, an announcement was made, saying, "Attention everyone! A blizzard is coming in overnight! All flights are delayed until at least Wednesday, December 10th!" Brenda was shocked. She couldn't make it for Ryan's birthday, which was the next day. This was bad. Very, very bad.

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