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Episode 1 Part 1

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December 7, 2014, 5:59 AM, The Caruso House

WO 1.2.1
"And the winner of the 'Most Awesome Penguin Ever' Award is...." Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Ryan woke up at the sound to his alarm. "If only I set that alarm to 6:01," he said. Suddenly, he remembered what day today was. He had been waiting for it since January, before Molly was even born. It was his 11th birthday today! He jumped out of his bed and started down the steps. His dad was already downstairs eating breakfast. "Morning Ryan, Happy Birthday!" he said. "Thanks, can I have a waffle?" "Okay, sure." Jason started making it while Ryan sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.
WO 1.2.2

December 7, 2014, 10:53 AM, The Caruso House

"Okay, Ryan, time for your first present!" said Sue. Ryan was very excited as she brought his first present over. He tore it open and found an iPad.
WO 1.2.3
"Awesome!" he said. "Thanks Mom!" Sue smiled. The next present was from Max. "Here you go," Max said, handing the present to Ryan. He opened it and found Max's Fart Machine. "Thanks, Max," Ryan said, looking down at the fart machine. Max handed him the button that was supposed to make it work. Suddenly, the fart machine let out the loudest, smelliest fart on Earth. It smelled like Rockhopper's dinner. "Yay, it worked!" Max exclaimed. "I didn't press it yet," Ryan said, which made everyone look at Max awkwardly. "Anyway," Sue said, "this present is from Molly." Molly crawled up with a smile on her face and handed it to Ryan. He opened it quickly.
WO 1.2.4
"A rock?" It was just a rock. "Gee, thanks," he said, trying not to sound rude. "It my favewit one in the whole - uhhh - that corner of the yard!" Molly exclaimed. "It the one Mr. Squirrel like to go poo-poo on!" Ryan immediately dropped the rock and ran to wash his hands. When he got back, Abby gave him his last present. He opened it and and saw a cuckoo clock. Abby smiled at him. "I hope you like it," she said. Suddenly, the clock struck 11:00 and the cuckoo came out and said "CUCKOO" eleven times. "Awesome!" Ryan said. "He's so cool. Thanks, Abby!" "No problem," Abby said.
WO 1.2.5

December 7, 2014, 7:49 PM, The Caruso House
Max and Ryan wanted to see the cuckoo come out again at 8:00. Eleven minutes later, it came out and cuckooed the usual number of times, but after it cuckooed for the eighth time, it whispered something that sounded like, Who are you and why did you bring me here? Ryan and Max looked at it blankly. They had no idea what was going on.

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