Jack 55588

aka Nickname: Jack | DJ Name: D-Jack

  • I live in West Yorkshire, UK!
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is to play Club Penguin, ROBLOX and editing the Club Penguin Wiki!
  • I am male!
  • Jack 55588

    Club Penguin hasn't updated in 2 days in a row now. What an earth is happening? I can understand that they wanted to keep the party going for Halloween, but it's past Halloween now, and they just haven't been bothered to update? What is happening?!?!?

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  • Jack 55588

    Hey guys! Today I was on the Club Penguin Blog and I saw a new exciting post! If you have seen the Club Penguin Summit sneak peaks, you may have seen the new Celebration of Snow party. On that sneak peak it shows the Everyday Phoning Facility totally fixed on the casual Ski Village picture. This could lead up to Secret Agent Training...

    Anyway here's what Polo said:


    I can't say exactly what this is, but very soon agents will have the chance to hone their spy skills... and face new challenges!

    Tell us what you think this could be in in the comments below.

    Until then... Waddle On!

    -Club Penguin Team

    Seems exciting right? Keep a look out for Fottymaddy's Club Penguin Update…

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  • Jack 55588

    New Ninja Hideout?

    March 3, 2013 by Jack 55588

    When you are logging onto Card-Jitsu Snow Beta, there is some kind of sketch in the background. It shows the Snow and Water doors (new doors) where they would be in the normal Hideout. There are also some statues next to the doors. They could be guards. Is this a complete new design for the Ninja Hideout?

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