• Jess0426

    Very Important Message

    April 14, 2016 by Jess0426

    Hello Admins,

    I have recently been getting very mad about this wiki. More mad then I have EVER been about it. Here is why:

    1. Loads of the users (mostly admins) have been undoing my hours/days worth of work and I put a lot of time and effort into my edits. I am not as stupid/cheesy as most people think I am. I really hate it so much how users like Green N Cool have more rights then others. Its very mean. I am not talking about rights like adman/ chat mod. I am talking about freedom rights. Green's edits are NEVER undone, and he does the same kind of edits I do. I put an up-to-date photo of Bobbi Jean, and she has blonde hair now and it seems as austin did not believe that. I would not like it if I had an outdated photo of me as the main pict…

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  • Jess0426

    Today I am gonna do an article why i prefer the Mall over the stage. So if you ask me five good reasons i like the mall better here is why.

    The stage was an old room from 2007. Its a room that basically can not be redesigned because the stage plays.

    The stage is an igloo now, we don't need it to be a room when they have the same thing as an igloo.

    The stage plays only happened because parties were not so advanced. We had to use our imagination as if we were in space, or prehistoric or anything like that. Now parties are more advanced. We can just act out these plays at parties.

    The stage had nothing special about it. The mall you can throw coins, ride the elevators. Its even a great hangout spot.

    Finally, the mall has 10 times more people in it…

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  • Jess0426

    Im Leaving

    December 29, 2015 by Jess0426

    I'm Staying, forget what i said!

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  • Jess0426

    The Holiday Party 2015 is the biggest Coins for Change event yet,

    • Cave, Boiler Room (Ambiant)
    • Plaza, Forest, and Beach (Ambiant)
    • Clothes Shop
    • Dock
    • Ice Rink
    • Arcade
    • Magic Sleigh Ride
    • School
    • Puffle Lodge
    • Lodge Attic
    • Dance Club, Hotel Roof (High Quillty Ambiant)
    • Hotel Spa, Book Room, Beacon (High Quillty Ambiant)
    • Lighthouse
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  • Jess0426

    Hello, today I am editing rooms for older parties, for example Winter Fiesta 2009 into the 2008 one

    Is there any you'd like me to do? Leave in the comments.

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