Hello Admins,

I have recently been getting very mad about this wiki. More mad then I have EVER been about it. Here is why:

1. Loads of the users (mostly admins) have been undoing my hours/days worth of work and I put a lot of time and effort into my edits. I am not as stupid/cheesy as most people think I am. I really hate it so much how users like Green N Cool have more rights then others. Its very mean. I am not talking about rights like adman/ chat mod. I am talking about freedom rights. Green's edits are NEVER undone, and he does the same kind of edits I do. I put an up-to-date photo of Bobbi Jean, and she has blonde hair now and it seems as austin did not believe that. I would not like it if I had an outdated photo of me as the main picture of an article. I feel like I am not even a part of this wiki anymore, which makes me very upset and I don't like it. A couple of months ago I added photos of the basic igloo with the locations. I put a lot of work and effort in to it (3 days to be exact) and now I am never gonna get that time in my LIFE BACK!! I am VERY mad about it because I got all the igloos done and ready to upload. Wata automatically thought I just added the basic igloo gallery photo to all the location gallery photos... but I would NEVER EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE DO THAT!!! I had to go in flash, open all the igloos and locations, add then in the exact place they would be in game (by Pasting In Place) download all files to my pc and upload them. I am very aggravated and furious that wata does not care about all my life taking time work. Life Taking Time Work.... LIFE TAKING TIME WORK!!! I was also doing the wiki a favor by separating the Holiday Party 2015 rooms by decorated rooms and sky changed rooms. Its just plain annoying to me to see those while trying to scroll through the decorated rooms and to see the ones that just have sky changes. I then got a message from Apj and he said to stop putting those images nonstop there which to me is just ridiculous (its an opinion). I'd say about 100 undoes are done a day and a week is

Weekday Undoes
Monday 100
Tuesday 100
Wednesday 100
Thursday 100
Friday 100
Saturday 100
Sunday 100

Is 700 undoes in one week!

2. It upsets me when I see brand new users get blocked right away by just trying to help. In my opinion I think we should update the policy and say that new users can't get blocked there first lets say 7 days. A week. I would like this to be added to the vote page if possible. They don't quite understand how the wiki works yet.

A big thing that upsets me is that this message is on the policy and users just don't care about this.

Have fun editing here

I would like to say until this ridiculous trend stops I am DONE EDITING MAINSPACE.

My wikiversary AND birthday are coming up and I don't want to spend it this way. I feel like all this wiki cares about anyway is my logos.

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