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aka Kat

  • I live in Rage Valley
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Being an Internet Friend
  • I am A giant tropical Centipede
  • Just an Internet Friend

    Hi, TheRainbowDash2106 here with a new username. (Call me JaifKnife IDK)

    I'm doing CP drawing requests.yup. DRAWINGS. not cutouts,no customs. Pure hand-made DRAWINGS.

    Ordering form:

    • Color
    • Head Item
    • Face Item
    • Body Item
    • Hand Item
    • Feet Item


    • Color-Lime Green
    • Head Item-The Coconut
    • Face Item-Funny Face Glasses
    • Body Item-Red Polo Shirt
    • Hand Item-Flashlight
    • Feet Item-Red Sneakers

    Just order like that simple.

    (NOTE: I will ONLY be doing the 2014 redesign.)

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  • Just an Internet Friend

    Gray Puffles are a species of puffles that are mostly known for their ability in playing Card Jitsu. Like the Black,Pink,and White puffles, the gray puffle represents an element;Shadow, to be specific.

    There are 2 stamps that you can earn with a Gray Puffle.The First one is the Power Puffle stamp, which can be obtained if a player plays card-jitsu with his/her Grey Puffle. There is also a Special Shadow stamp, which could be obtained if your puffle summons shadow. however, it is difficult to earn the stamp because Gray puffles only summon Shadow powers if the player is a member and has all the Card Jitsu,Snow, Fire,and Water items.

    Attitude: Calm,Wise,and Mysterious

    Favorite toys: Card Jitsu cards, Puffle Amulet

    Elite Puffle Items: none

    Special …

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  • Just an Internet Friend

    Gravity Falls Takeover is a party celebrating Gravity Falls' second season.Gary will be visiting, with two other mascots,Dipper and Mabel.

    Bill Cipher tries taking over Gravity Falls and Club penguin. Dipper and his sister must find the 3 books to defeat Bill.

    • Dipper's hat and wig (Cost: 100 Crystals)
    • Dipper's Vest and T- Shirt (original T-shirt) (Cost: 250 crystals) (member)
    • Dipper's sneakers (cost: 50 crystals) (member)

    • Mabel's Wig (cost: 100 crystals)
    • Mabel's braces (cost: 10 crystals)
    • Mabel's star sweater (cost: 200 crystals) (member)
    • Mabel's shoes and socks (cost: 30 crystals) (member)

    • Stan's fez (cost: 20 crystals)
    • Stan's glasses and beard (cost: 45 crystals)
    • Stan's Tuxedo (cost: 300 crystals) (member)
    • Stan's undershirt (cost:250 crystals) (memb…

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  • Just an Internet Friend

    Hello! I am TheRainbowDash2106. This is my first blog! (Yayz) it's gonna be about,of course,the cutest thing ever besides Fluttershy the Pegasus,Puffles.

    Dipperfan21 has TONS of puffles. Little did he know,his puffles had some back stories...too bad Puffles can't speak in Penguish.

    Dippy Pines is a blue puffle. He was abandoned by his real owner,because his real owner released him back to the wild. Dippy loved his old owner (his real owner named him Crumby)he waited for him,but he never came back.He lived in the forest for 2 whole years. PH soon found him and put him in the pet shop. 2 months later,I adopted him.

    Blasto was a red puffle. He lived in rockhopper island(like all wild red puffles) and lived alone,with no one to love him. He only …

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