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    The Scoop on Sourcing

    June 29, 2014 by Kallie Jo

    I have noticed more than ever in the past few weeks how much the wiki is lacking sources. I'm making this blog post to address this very issue, and I'll try to make it as simple and easy to read as possible.

    What is sourcing?
    Sourcing is providing origins of information, typically via a citation or reference. By citing your sources, you are essentially validating information and its reliability, that depending solely on the particular source.

    How do I cite my sources?
    Citing your sources is meant to be simple, and all you have to do is remember a few characters:
    If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments and I will reply to them.

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  • Kallie Jo

    If you're like me, you do not care at all for VisualEditor. However, Wikia recently made it so VisualEditor is no longer something admins can enable/disable on their wiki; it's enabled by default on every wiki, and can be found in the edit button dropdown list.

    If you do not want to see the option for VisualEditor, just put this code in your file (global.css if you want the option disabled across ALL wikias, wikia.css if you only want it disabled on one.)

    And wallah! No more accidentally clicking the VisualEditor instead of History (like I did many times).

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  • Kallie Jo

    Hi there,

    This blog post is made to let users know the appropriate and inappropriate uses of the word "gay", which mainly all revolve around the context it is used. Recent incidents have brought forth this issue and made it clear that some users (specifically in chat) still don't know the appropriate and inappropriate uses.

    Now, don't be confused; the word "gay" is allowed on this wiki and this wiki's chat. However, when used in certain contexts to try to offend another user, like this for example:

    " is gay"

    It's not allowed at all (the only exception is if the user is completely okay with it). Obviously that's a very simple example, and many of you may already know this, but it just seems that overall we just need to reassess the appropriate a…

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  • Kallie Jo

    Ski Hill Renovation

    January 20, 2014 by Kallie Jo

    Hello penguins! As revealed in episode 8 of The Spoiler Alert (which is currently only available through the Club Penguin app), the Ski Hill is being updated along with the Forest! Here's how it looks:

    What do you think?

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  • Kallie Jo

    While snooping around on, I managed to run across the old SWF of the Club Penguin registration process. How old was the SWF? Well, it was archived in December of 2005. You can check out the SWF out for yourself here. Apparently, you had to select your age to join. I'm 99% sure this was for demographic purposes.

    Once selecting your age, you were lead to the Club Penguin rules (or as it was marked, "The Club Rules"). Note that there were only two rules; to respect other penguins (this includes no swearing and being mean), and to never reveal your personal information.

    After pressing Ok, you could choose your penguin color. There were only 12 colors in December of 2005. Mousing over a penguin makes them put their flipper up.

    Once you…

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