Hello everyone! You can enter the 10th, 11th and there is nothing on the 13thth floor (not really). And you can now access every room in the Puffle Hotel. Let's start with the 10th floor.

Halloween11&12 25

10th Floor

Halloween11&12 26

Well, it is really the 10th floor...

Like the Deluxe Suite, The Luxury Suite contains ghost luggage that contains items. You can also get the items from the interface starting from 29 October.

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11th Floor

The riddle for the 11th floor is:

Halloween11&12 1

Another riddler guards this floor, but words are not what it waits for.

If you go the the 11th floor you will find a statue, it is the riddler.

The statue will give you a riddle. The answers are emotes.

The first riddle is:

Halloween11&12 4

When you’re out and see a friend, this is how your mouth will bend.

You should use the Happy emoticon emote to pass the riddle.

The next riddle is:

Halloween11&12 5

What you wear when you're in a bad mood. Or when you're getting some attitude.

The answer is the Sad Emoticon emote.

Halloween11&12 6

The next riddle is:

Halloween11&12 7

A clever look to let friends know, that what you're saying is just for show.

The answer is the Wink Emoticon.

Halloween11&12 8

The final riddle is:

Halloween11&12 9

The face you make if you feel queasy. Being green sure isn't easy.

The answer is the Sickface1 emote.

Halloween11&12 10

Now you can get the last part of Gariwald's device!

Halloween11&12 11

12th Floor

Halloween11&12 2

Skip will tell you to step on the red button to capture the Ghost Puffles.

Halloween11&12 12

The button will turn red and the machine will turn on. And the Ghost Puffles will be captured in a container.

Halloween11&12 14

Then... Wait... How I got at this jail?

Skip... is a ghost? But how?

Halloween11&12 16

There is nothing on the 13th floor

Halloween11&12 3

The jail will rise to the 13th floor.

Halloween11&12 15

BAHAHA! You caught the ghost puffles for me! NICE! Now I’m gonna use their ghostly energy to haunt all of Club Penguin! You thought the Puffle Hotel was scary? Wait ’til you see what I have lined up!

Gariwald is here!

Halloween11&12 17

Well if you remember the EPF test you will easily know what to do. You will need to throw a snowball on the electrical box. You can escape from the jail.

Halloween11&12 18

You will need to step on the red release button, but Skip will stop you and block your path.

Halloween11&12 19

Halloween11&12 20

You will need to throw a snowball on the wood above him. The wood will stun Skip and you need to step on the red button quickly. And The red button will turn green.

Halloween11&12 21

WHAA? That was SUCH a good plan! NOOO!

The machine will make Skip disappear.

Gariwald will tell you that Ghost Puffles are free.

Members can adopt a Ghost Puffle and the Bellhop Hat, non-members can only get the Bellhop Hat.

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Yay! Hello!

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