Hello, and happy editing. For the next little while, you will be seeing me inspect furniture and clothing item articles for the minimum criteria. You may have already seen me add cleaner images and expand articles, but that was to get ready for this massive check. Because it is massive, I cannot do it alone. You can help me by adding to the articles that are missing the following:

  1. Appropriate infobox
  2. Image (450px or larger)
  3. Article content - must show the type (e.g. hand item, room furniture), costs, and whether it is members' only.
  4. Appropriate italics
  5. Double-links - each article should only have one link to a certain article. For instance, Club Penguin should not be linked twice in the entire article, not counting the infobox or the "See also" section.
  6. SWF links.
  7. Categories - It must have the appropriate categories. All should have the categories "Club Penguin" and "Items". The rest are also needed, but only if it's appropriate: Furniture, Clothing, Wigs, Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items, Feet Items, Room Furniture, Wall Furniture, Floor Furniture, Pet Furniture and others if I have missed any.

Since most articles aren't detailed, especially older articles, a history section may be needed. If you know anything about its release date, feel free to put that into the article.

Here are some examples of articles that have met the minimum criteria:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or ask me a question on my talk page.

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