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  • Lowcatzrock

    I might quit the wiki

    November 1, 2013 by Lowcatzrock

    I am not saying I am quitting, i am saying it might be a good choice. The reason may be more or so because of the current mods and people on the chat. Tech banned me for something that really isnt banworthy, and if I can get banned for 3 days by calling someone a name; ill move to a new wiki. It's just i dont get why some of this stuff happens. I for sure shouldnt be banned from chat for that. People call me names all the friggin time. THEY DONT GET BANNED FROM THE CHAT. so why should I, or is it a special rule for only low cuz we hate him? everyone also hates my ideads, and hates me here. im sorry, but i used to think this wiki was a good place for me.

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  • Lowcatzrock

    I joined cp last year this day. someone, throw me a party and fast! I got the 365 day achievement

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  • Lowcatzrock

    The play script

    October 24, 2013 by Lowcatzrock

    Narrator: Its halloween yet again, and the monsters are here. Narrator: But what the monster dont know is that something threatens HALLOWEEN! Narrator: let us begin.

    • drapes are pulled back in editor*
    • witches walk onto stage*

    Witch 1: Its that time of year again! Witch 2: yes... the very nice time of year when monsters can roam freely. Witch 3: This is going to be a VERY spooky halloween!

    • all witches cackle*

    Witch 2: lets do the spell to awaken the monsters. Witch 1: Halloween night brings quite a fright! Witch 2: may zombies and ghosts and goblins, Witch 3: werewolves and vampires rule tonight!

    • zombies come out of graveyard*

    Witch 1: They are coming!

    • vampires come out*

    Witch 2: oh yes this is very well indeed a very good halloween!

    • werewolves howl a…
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  • Lowcatzrock


    July 22, 2013 by Lowcatzrock

    hi there, im making some custom mc: skins maps server spawns minigame arenas faction base designs.

    here is the form

    i would like a custom(etc.) and i need it for(etc)

    make a post on my wall for details, and i will amke a list and make sure you get it!

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  • Lowcatzrock

    im still beggening but i can gaurantee it will look good. reply to this with your request, do not pm.

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