Narrator: Its halloween yet again, and the monsters are here. Narrator: But what the monster dont know is that something threatens HALLOWEEN! Narrator: let us begin.

  • drapes are pulled back in editor*
  • witches walk onto stage*

Witch 1: Its that time of year again! Witch 2: yes... the very nice time of year when monsters can roam freely. Witch 3: This is going to be a VERY spooky halloween!

  • all witches cackle*

Witch 2: lets do the spell to awaken the monsters. Witch 1: Halloween night brings quite a fright! Witch 2: may zombies and ghosts and goblins, Witch 3: werewolves and vampires rule tonight!

  • zombies come out of graveyard*

Witch 1: They are coming!

  • vampires come out*

Witch 2: oh yes this is very well indeed a very good halloween!

  • werewolves howl as they come out of the cave*

Witch 3: now let the rest come out!

  • misc monsters come out*


Witch 1: the crystal ball has something to say!!

  • crystal ball is surrounded by monsters at this point*

Witch 1: He has awakened... All monsters except witches: WHO IS AWAKE? witch 2: the one who tried to ruin our fun... All monsters: do their dances and start a riot Werewolf one: You mean to say HE cam back? Werewolf 2: BUT WE COULDNT STOP HIM LAST TIME ALL MONSTERS YOWL IN AGREEMENT

  • ghost hunter is detected*

Ghost 1: HES COOOMINNNG Vampire 1: lets get out of here!

  • monsters hide*

Ghost hunter: ectoplasm, and my sensors indicate some MONSTER activity aheaD! but how can i do this? Ghosts are over THIS WAY.

Monsters talk about how to escape*

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