"THE GN DOCUMENTARY(it goes awry, not even a documentary at the end)" narrator: ah, today we will study the rather marvelous endangered green ninja species.. heres his house, shhh, hes asleep... first, let me say more about the green ninja, its latin name is delusionus idiocus, he is the last of his kind... he is so delusional he lives with... well, well show you in a second "alarm from lloyd clock" gn: ets go wake up polo and billybob! "gn walks to polo field cutouts bed" gn: get up sleepyhead, well, im gonna have to bring you and billbob downstairs for breakfeast!! narrator: he umm, he thinks that those cutouts are the real deal... "gn pulls billybob cutout and polo field cutout downstairs, and sets them in front of the table" gn: lets make you cereal!!! its the ninjas food!!! "makes cereal" "plops in fron of cutouts" gn: this is good * chomp* you gonna eat??

  • knock on door*

gn: who could that be??"

  • opens*

real billy: hello, and you won our day with polo and billy prize!! polo:umm...

  • looks at cutouts*

polo: *whispers* lets leav, this guy is crazy...

  • polo and billy leave*

gn: *looks at cutouts" trick or treaters, are always so anxious to get candy, and is it me or did halloween come early this year? gn: huh huh? gn: hey, lets go shopping, we can take our puffle too!!

  • looks at dead ball of fluff*

gn: here boy, hes still sleeping... well, lets just put his collar on and go...

  • snaps on collar*
  • drags dead puffle and cutouts to town*

gn: first up is coffee shop!!

  • walks in coffee shop* *ding!* *everyone mutters, and looks at gn and the cutouts, and the dead puffle, and whisper about him to newer penguin... and old penguins.. about this delusional freak*
  • walks toward coffee person* *coffee person ducks behind counter, gn gets closer, coffee person edges up with his beak slightly above the counter with

pad and pencil* coffee shop person: m-m-m-ay i t-t-ts t-ake you-r-r-r- o-rde-or-order??? gn: i would like a mocha for me, billy will have the special caramel latte *edges and says"they dont talk to much*, polo will take the coffee(regular), and for my puffle he wants chocolate milk.. coffe shop person: thank you, for your order.. it will be done in a second

  • 20 minutes later*

gn: next is the clothes shop!!

  • same reaction as coffee shop*

gn: lets try on for some new styles!!

  • a bunch of random clothed scenes in a mirror of them in dresses and snazzy outfits*
  • after the show*

gn: lets get our boogie down at the dance club!!

  • bunch of random dancing with everyone backed away and puking(hes a bad dancer)*
  • walks to plaza*

gn: lets go play with other puffles spot!!

  • walks into pet shop*
  • everyone is like is that thing even alive, and if it is, is it even a puffle?*
  • one scene of nonsense playing later*

gn: lets go to the theatre!!

  • everyone rushes out of theatre and they watch the show*

gn: lets go eat pizza now

  • you already know their reactions*

gn: lets go practice karate!!

  • sensie shows him how to break things in half*

gn: let use this power!

  • breaks the fire dojo hot sauce container in half*
  • breaks the clothes shop in half*
  • breaks the iceberg in half*
  • breaks cp in half*
  • breaks the world in half*
  • breaks the galaxy in half*
  • breaks the universe in half*
  • is floating in nothing*

gn: this is fun!

  • chops down and breaks billy and polo in half*

gn:at least i have you spot!

  • spot is sucked into black hole*

gn: im all alone!!! narrator: hmm, what will happen to GN and the rest of cp? tune in next time to, GN the universal destroyers affects: famous penguins on rockhoppers new spaceship!!!

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