Hello, CPeoples! So, this page Hot Pink Puffle (real) was deleted a long time ago, and Penguin-Pal restored it for a sec for me. I copied the source so I could paste it here. Well, here it is:

Hot Pink Puffle?

Hot Pink Puffle

Available No
Attitude Hyper, Well Mannered
Member only Probably.
Favorite toys Gumball Machine, Lollipop
Play action Chases a bouncing gumball, turns into a tornado white eating a lollipop
Dance Flips and acts like a tornado
Tongue color Yellow
Speed Fastest Puffle
Special features Loves candy, sleeps in a well-made bed
Elite Puffle Items None yet
Favorite Games None yet
ID 760

The Hot Pink Puffle is a Bait item. It was seen being used by Happy77 at May 7, 2012. Hackers were able to get it for about one hour, then they got banned.


This is a Bait item. It is only available via Hacking. This will result in a 72-hour or forever ban.



I'm gonna name mine: Brony! Do you think they will come what would you name yours? Tell me in your comment! Mariobilly, over and out!

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