Hello, CPeoples. I am here to talk about something seriously concerning our wiki. WAY too many pages have been deleted in the past week. Some of these pages include, Purple Penguin, Brown Games Penguin, The Four Ninjas, The Aqua Penguin, Dragon Puffle, Rhonda, And Save the Island!. I am hoping admins will restore these pages. We once had 6,1000 pages, now we're down to 6,070! As soon as I noticed this, I decided to tell my concern on this blog post. Mariobilly, over and out!

--Mariobilly, King of Epicness ಠ_ಠTalk ಠ_ರೃBlog ಥ◡ಥParties ಥ_ಥQuiz ಠ╭╮ಠContributions ⊙▃⊙Following

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