Mariocart25Charizard Mariocart25Charizard 31 March 2017

Leaving Club Penguin (or Island now) Wiki, on April 2.

I will be leaving this wikia permanently on April 2. (Just made it early just to say a last goodbye.) I had so many fun times here. I remember that day on February 8th, 2013, when I first came here (I was underaged back then but not anymore, but I was going to join the wiki on my 13th Birthday, but I couldn't wait. 3 months later, I became a chat moderator by Shurow The Walrus. On June 19, I became a rollback by Wolf-gangs (I later got rid of it because I would rather stay as a Chat moderator for now.) I got blocked in November 2013 for accidently swearing (lesson learned: never use the red x icon, you could end up like I did) I was also a good graphics designer here. on March 1, 2015, I requested to get demoted. (I said this a lot.)


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Mariocart25Charizard Mariocart25Charizard 11 February 2017

Ask Mariocart25 (Returning edition)

It has been a year so.. Ask me anything but stupid questions I don't want to hear. kbye

Mariocart25 02:00, February 11, 2017 (UTC)

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Mariocart25Charizard Mariocart25Charizard 24 October 2015

Thanks for all the memories.


After 2 years, Thank you for all the memories but I have quit Club Penguin full time, now focusing on Toontown Rewriiten, I would like to thank everyone for all the fun times here. (No, I am not making a list, people will beg :P) When I first joined in February 2013, I made new friends, new rivals, and new whatever. I know I said I quit in January, but it was just too hard, I will come on chat from time to time. I have always dreamed to become a Admin but things started to change as I always wanted to just stick with being a chat moderator and rollback for a few months and all the blocks I gotten (Well, only one for accidental swearing when I was fooling around that day.) I guess I don't miss making custom penguins anymore, despite n…

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Mariocart25Charizard Mariocart25Charizard 4 October 2014

Custom Penguin Raffle

This contest is cancelled, yes I'll do this again before I leave in January, I am currently taking a break from Custom Penguins.
I haven't made a blog since like a month ago! Weird!

Well, does anyone wanna custom penguin? I am doing a raffle but its sorta different!
The rules are.. You must make a good custom penguin for me, the best one wins! Here is my items:

  • Head: Blue Ball Cap
  • Face: 3D Glasses
  • Neck: Blue Scarf
  • Body: Black Hoodie
  • Feet: Blue Sneakers
  • Color: Black

BTW, it must be all items, if you forgot 1/2 items, it won't be entered!
Good luck to all! Only 1 winner gets a free custom from me!
Mariocart25 03:47, October 4, 2014 (UTC)

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Mariocart25Charizard Mariocart25Charizard 24 August 2014

discontinuing Custom Items

Hey guys,
Well, I have some bad news,
I will be discontinuing Custom Items. I know, =[ I will tell you why.
I was supposed to do it yesterday, and the winner was the purple tuxedo by Techman129. I will not do Custom Items Episode 6. I have also lost interest on this wiki. I AM NOT QUITTING YET, well, I will no longer do anything graphic related here. No more requesting cutouts, no more requesting stamps, etc... Ask me on my twitter until Wednesday, since I start school then.
Mariocart25 16:38, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

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