I will be leaving this wikia permanently on April 2. (Just made it early just to say a last goodbye.) I had so many fun times here. I remember that day on February 8th, 2013, when I first came here (I was underaged back then but not anymore, but I was going to join the wiki on my 13th Birthday, but I couldn't wait. 3 months later, I became a chat moderator by Shurow The Walrus. On June 19, I became a rollback by Wolf-gangs (I later got rid of it because I would rather stay as a Chat moderator for now.) I got blocked in November 2013 for accidently swearing (lesson learned: never use the red x icon, you could end up like I did) I was also a good graphics designer here. on March 1, 2015, I requested to get demoted. (I said this a lot.)

Lets talk about Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island, shall we?
I heard the news that Club Penguin was closing to be replaced by a stupid successor, Club Penguin Island.</br> When I first heard of Island (or back then Project Super Secret) I saw it as stupid and would ruin my Childhood, so that was why Club Penguin revival servers were made, right? Club Penguin was a great game but had some downfalls. They failed to make a Music Jam, a lackluster Holiday Party, Made most 2016 parties a month (2 weeks was enough!), Made the Zootopia Party 2 months! (why disney!), and made [[and rehashed a Frozen Party from last year. Many people still remember me as a Graphics designer. Thank you for the great 4 years on this wiki and other platforms. Why am I leaving? Because I need to move on and I will be a senior in High School next year, I can't believe I was in 7th Grade when I first came here, times fly that fast.
I think Club Penguin Island will be a failure.
So long, for real, and thanks for all the fish. (Don't worry, i'll stay for April Fools)
Mariocart25 3DGlasses 18:59, March 31, 2017 (UTC)

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