Mixer2301 Mixer2301 14 November 2013

Missing Puffles

Hey guys!

If you haven't noticed, 4 well-known puffles, Plok, Keeper of the Boiler Room , Keeper of the Stage and the Black Puffle Rescue Puffle are... MISSING!.

Yes, they are missing! What I believe is that it is Herbert's work!

Posters have been placed in the places were they used to be! Look at them!

It has been discovered by the EPF that the puffles were stolen by Herbert, and they are used to dig coins for him. You can re-capture these puffles by playing Puffle Chase. Also, more penguins are losing their puffles as more and more posters have been added across the island.

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Mixer2301 Mixer2301 24 May 2013

Your Thoughts- Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Do you remember the "Un-Club Penguin Wiki?", the wiki which was meant to be a funny Club Penguin wiki, but got vandalised and turned into a bad wiki?

Since Club Penguin is getting bigger and bigger, there are a lot of Club Penguin Wikis- like this one, and wikis which concentrate on one specific thing about Club Penguin, like music, rooms, characters, puffles etc. But there are no wikis which tell about jokes and humor.

So I asked my fellow admins about creating the "Club Penguin Humor Wiki" , a wiki which concentrates about fun, humor, fun, fun, humor , jokes etc. And they said "it is a nice idea!"

So, now I ask you wiki users to give your thoughts and suggestions about the humor wiki:) Should it be created or not?

-- MiXeR23*1 (Messages!) 11:…

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Mixer2301 Mixer2301 10 May 2013

Club Penguin Wiki- Places 77th on the WAM Ranking with a WAM of 98.21!!

Greetings CPWIKI Users and all!

Our wiki is now a huge success, and we are on 77th place on the WAM Ranks. Hurray for Club Penguin Wiki!

The reason for our success is you, the users of the wiki!

Thanks- And keep rocking on!
-- MiXeR23*1 (Messages!) 13:00, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

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Mixer2301 Mixer2301 18 January 2013

2013: Good Start?

Hey guys! 2013 is here, and Club Penguin has held it's first party of 2013, the Prehistoric Party!

So, based on you're opinions, vote here to determine "Is the Prehistoric Party a good start for 2013 or not".

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Mixer2301 Mixer2301 24 December 2012

Trivia Problems and more.

Hi, I am Mixer2301, as you all know, an administrator.

This is a sequel to my previous blog post and I will be now talking about the trivia section.

As you may all know that most of the articles are having a "trivia" section. Now, I ask you, "What is a trivia"? It is a place for additional information. But what we see are.. rumors, facts, useless sentences, sentences which are already present in an another section etc.

But that is not why the trivia is for. You may all know that I myself has cleaned several articles and allways the bytes reduced are more than 200. Even if I cleaned trivia, I did not find it as a big problem. But then I realised that 99.9% of pages having the trivia section have useless things which are already present in the …

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