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It's time, I should tell you! June's stories are based off of previous stories, the short/long story is a sequel of "Pokemon, Club Penguin the Conclusion!" and the main story has a similarity to "The Dog and Cat Puffle and the Race to Enslave the Penguin Race" No all that out of the way let's get started:

Pokemon, Club Penguin the Conclusion! 2: The Cast of Unown (THE BIGGEST YET!) CPPTC2 Logo

Related to the third movie "The Spell of the Unown" the June short/long story is a sequel to "Pokemon, Club Penguin the Conclusion!" but more epic! Pokemon return to the Club Penguin world, but this time not by Herbert. A Unown army joined together to do it! Hot Dog Red and Mew4312 try to stop them! More to come!

The biggest yet!

THE BIGGEST YET! Photo Pokemon

All of them

A Hypnosis of a Sports-Time! (Based on a quote: "A journey of a lifetime!")

The main June story, Herbert hypnotizes some sports players to work for him. Meanwhile... Gary, Hot Dog Red, Mew and Theminepenguin99 work on a machine G calls: "The Time Stopper 3000" that stops time. They get rudely interrupted by a rumble. More to come!

Big Update!

Just a notice: "In July, HDRHFATMOCP gets a huge design update!"

Tin Can 3000 TO THE FUTURE! Tin Can 3000

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